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Something spatial – Lisa Steeven

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This composition was made with structure paste and granular powder to get that earthy structure effect. Then you have to mix the modeling paste and the gritty powder to get a thick paste. You can also look at the canvas « unknown planet« , for which I used the same process. As for the structure-based paints, they must be prepared in advance because the texture must be dry before applying the acrylic paint. So you spread the resulting paste as you wish, creating reliefs with scrapers, spatulas, brushes, stencils, or any other interesting object from your daily life. It is preferable to create a structure that is not too thick in order to keep the effect of matter that we want to obtain. Then you have to use a tool like a trowel or a spatula. There are several instructional videos by Petra Thölken that explains in details how to design all this easily, or Gerald Shepers Instagram account. Once the canvas texture is dry, you can start the artwork. For the colors, I opted for shades of ochre, dark blue green and pastel green. Then, what is important I think, is to bring out the texture through the paint and color choices. For me, I wanted to design something abstract, not a real landscape, I created something that looks like a sky view of the Earth, with continents, oceans and atmosphere.

something spatial - Lisa Steeven art
something spatial – Lisa Steeven art