Lisa Steeven Art

Abstract, modern and mixed media paintings

Abstract mixed media artist


Lisa Steeven is an abstract contemporary mixed media artist. She has learn technicals and painting methods with other artists which give her motivation to start to create canvas. Painting is, like other artists, her self expression. When she mixes shades and shapes, she feels that she can travel around the world. She feels a healing and wellness sensation, she can work in harmony with herself and her surroundings. She let herself guided by her imagination without calculations or contraints. Painting and she are united to produce stunning and unexpected compositions. She’s so fascinated by contemporary artists which inspire her. Also she seeks inspiration in her family, friends, travels, nature and everything around her. Her style is intuitive and when she composes a work,

When she begins a painting, she lets her current thought guide her, placing shapes, colors, patterns or texture at this or that place in the painting. As she completes all these steps, the composition appears until she obtains a harmonious, coherent work that corresponds to what she wishes to obtain. She likes to experiment with different shades in her compositions to try new effects.

She prefers abstract and mixed media art because she can evoke more feelings and imaginary atmospheres compared to the reel, her inspiration began with « silent waterfalls« , memories of her travels she makes a few years ago. She says her son ask every time about her paintings : »what does your painting represent ? ». She answer him : « you can see what you want or what you can imagine yourself ». But he says every time : »but it represents nothing ! ». She says it makes her laughing and she hopes some day, he’ll be able to imagine something in the paintings. She thinks it’s interesting to see reaction of diifferent people when they look abstract painting, she thinks sometimes that’s funny. In « tropical twister« , Lisa Steeven wanted to create a contrast with a catastrophe phenomenon and a dream world.

Now it’s time for you to discover Lisa Steeven artwork. Hope you’ll appreciate and have fun to watch artwork gallery.

You will also be able to discover the artwork of artists recognized in the art world and from whom I try to be inspired and improve myself every day, like the artist David Mankin or Joan Fullerton.

rain of lights - Lisa Steeven abstract art painting landscape
Rain of lights – Lisa Steeven art