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Moving nature – Lisa Steeven

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This painting needs a little texture but lightly to obtain a rendering of shapes rather than matter. Lisa Steeven wanted to create an ensemble from only a few shades of ochre and blue green, colors she particularly likes, which remind her of vegetation, flowers, trees, nature. We can refind this techniques in lots of artworks of Lisa Steeven. The very fine structure of this canvas with the addition of the various glazes allowed to make appear a landscape composition rather harmonious and natural, giving the impression of a watercolor. The result is very minimalist, uncluttered, with colors that are created through the mixing of diluted paint. This is what allows us to obtain this astonishing realization of shapes and shades. This composition was conceived on a canvas frame of 100 by 70 with a depth of 4 cm. You can see all my artworks on LisaSteevenart facebook, or others social networks like instagram, pinterest, twitter, tumblr and on this website.

Moving nature - Lisa Steeven art
Moving nature – Lisa Steeven art