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Morning sun – Lisa Steeven

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For this realization, I had thought of using a vegetable texture. I chose a plant with long stems and small seeds to bring out the look of lines and small grains when painting. You can take any kind of grass, like wheat, lavender but preferably a rigid plant for the best result. It takes two steps to create this composition, the first is to place and stick the plant on the canvas with texture, this is the most delicate part because it requires that the strands and small seeds are placed correctly on the painting, I use only texture to adhere the plant on the canvas, it must wait a day before moving to the next step. When the texture is dry, we can then paint the canvas, I chose three main shades of acrylic paint that I dilute. I took beige, pastel green, and dark brown. I left some areas unpainted to represent the sun on the plant. I tried to achieve a slightly aged and patinated effect that can be seen on Martha Rea Baker’s paintings and that I find ideal on this type of composition. I had already created a composition of this type with botanical area, with other plants and other colors. It’s interesting because you get something different every time.

Morning sun - Lisa Steeven art
Morning sun – Lisa Steeven art