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Evolution – Lisa Steeven

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This painting by Lisa Steeven is a work created from different techniques, the medium used is acrylic but also photos of magazines have been pasted to bring to the canvas this modern and contemporary side. This is what we call in English, the mixed media technique, it is very used now, Joan Fullerton often uses it in his achievements. It is a work both abstract and symbolic that Lisa Steeven wanted to interpret, we can see a certain strength represented by this futuristic tree, we also perceive the action, the will to move forward, values like hope, finally a composition more concrete than abstract. It inspires movement with its spontaneous strokes of paint, its shades of color bring comfort and reassurance. Whatever the case, it seems that Lisa Steeven wanted to bring a modern and contemporary note, and that is what transpires in most of her paintings.

Evolution - Lisa Steeven art
Evolution – Lisa Steeven art