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The Cornwall paintings of David Mankin

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David Mankin found his inspiration in the Cornwall area where he has lived for a long time. This is where all his paintings were born. During his walks, he is fascinated by the landscape that surrounds him and that changes with the weather. He likes to discover and contemplate the rocks, the rain, the wind, the coast, the people. For him, it is not possible to represent this region only by abstraction because he can thus transmit more emotions and movement in these paintings. His technique is intuitive and gestural, his personal style allows him to represent the perpetual cycle of nature. He shapes and stages his compositions by playing with shapes, colors, textures and surfaces. What he wishes to communicate in his work is a sense of freedom, vastness, rhythm and the ebb and flow of nature, characteristic of the Cornish landscape.
He has exhibited in the Cornwall Contemporary Gallery, Hadfield Fine Art, Prince and Pilgrim Gallery, Cricket Fine Art.
Kate Reeve-Edwards has produced the book « Remembering in Paint » to chronicle the painter’s entire artistic work from his beginnings to today. It is scheduled to be launched at David’s solo exhibition « Encounters » at Cornwall Contemporary.

David Mankin - Sing of the Shore
David Mankin – Sing of the Shore