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Colorado artist Joan Fullerton

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Joan Fullerton grew up in the Woyming Plains, and studied watercolor with great watercolor artists. She returned to school to become an art teacher. She currently lives in Denver where she spends most of her time to her art.
What one notices above all in the paintings of this artist, it is the esthetic and artistic research with this will to create an harmony between colors, forms and patterns She wants her paintings to live, to attract attention. Also inspired by nature as David Mankin, she composes original works between the imaginary and the real. She uses, for that, several mixed media such as stencils, magazine photos, pencils, or charcoal. Her gesture is intuitive, she proceeds step by step by building up her canvas, sometimes laying out color applications, sometimes drawing lines with charcoal, or placing a motif in a certain place, until she obtains a creation she likes.
She also likes to emphasize nature with these very dark trees that stand out symbolically in her paintings. Her experience as a watercolorist allows her to achieve sumptuous shades through glazes of matching colors. She loves contrasts and the colors she uses most often are beige, apricot, ochre, grey, blue often taking on the appearance of turquoise and green.
Her collections are represented in many museums and galleries such as the Madden Art Museum, University of Wyoming Art Museum and Wyoming Pioneer Museum. Joan Fullerton also teaches painting classes to transmit her passion. She also produces videos on her youtube channel to explain her creative process.

Joan Fullerton - Radiance
Joan Fullerton – Radiance