Lisa Steeven Art

Abstract, modern and mixed media paintings


Singing season – Lisa Steeven

In this painting, the texture seems to be like a fine, transparent lace that has been placed in front of a landscape. Behind the pattern of the structure we perceive a countryside landscape composed of a lake and trees, it is what brings a natural and original effect in singing season painting . The tones used are more reminiscent of autumn, even though the title suggests that it is spring. The alliance of the texture and the nuances form a...

Tropical twister – Lisa Steeven

Tropical Twister is a kind of cataclysm in the middle of a paradisiacal atmosphere. Lisa Steeven wanted to create this surprising contrast between storm and dreamy place, a phenomenon that occurs so often in tropical islands. She brought out the exotic side with the help of pastel colors. She also reinforced the imaginary aspect by painting in strokes, in small touches as in the impressionist style. Lisa Steeven has set a dreamy scene for this...

Wood whisppers – Lisa Steeven

I've just finished this painting. It's made with acrylic paint, brushes and plastic knives. I added some texture to create more relief and depth to the canvas. I've tried to apply glazes to get colors harmony and quietly atmosphere. I used green, blue and yellow ochre palette, I really like these colors, I think it allows to get this feeling of wellness in the middle of the nature. Also I want to have sun rays dispatching in the painting to get...

Silent waterfalls – Lisa Steeven

This canvas has been composed with acrylic painting with contrasting and soft shades. I think it's creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The mysterious landscape can appear quietly and abstractly with this chart of colors and perhaps let your imagination travel until this unknown country. Silent waterfalls - Lisa Steeven art